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Waiting for the rain

Even a backcountry farmer accustomed to the sun’s heat no longer knows what to do when faced with the worst drought that Brazil’s northeast has seen in 50 years. Hildefonso Santos, 64,  stands inside… Continue reading

drought polygon

Brazil’s Zero Hunger strategy recognises that poverty reduction, food security, and support for small-scale agriculture are intimately connected. But this is not enough, as climate changes may undermine it. “We survive on the Bolsa… Continue reading

Arroz do sertão

“In the Piancó valley, backland of Paraíba State, Brazil, grows red rice. A variety more resistant than the white rice that can survive in hot, dry climate. After the soybeans, cotton and corn,… Continue reading

de todas as coisas que são de dizer

João Custódio, 84 anos, no Vale do Piancó, sertão da Paraíba OS OLHOS SÃO DE UM VIDRO OPACO PELO TEMPO PUPILA ÁSPERA COMO O SOLO DA CAATINGA O ROSTO TEM MARCAS QUE SÃO… Continue reading

“ó eu”

O menino Júlio costuma brincar em volta de sua casa, debaixo de um pé de Imbú, árvore comum nos chapadões semi-áridos do Nordeste. No horizonte, se distingue a imensa cava da única mina… Continue reading

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