Reuters best photos of the year 2012 | Munduruku indigenous people point their bows and arrows at a police helicopter flying over the barrier of the Belo Monte Dam’s construction site in northern Brazil, June 15,… Continue reading


The Guarani are the largest brazillian indigenous people, with an average of more than 50,000 individuals they are most gathered in Mato Grosso do Sul, near the border with Paraguay. The group suffers from… Continue reading

the dam

Amazonian natives climb up an artificial barrier which is part of the Belo Monte hydroelectric dam project to block heavy machinery from being used, on October, 2012, in a protest against the violation of their… Continue reading

Belo Sun

A local resident observes mining exploration equipment operated by Belo Sun Mining Corp. of Canada near the bank of the Xingu River, where Belo Sun has obtained a license to take over all gold… Continue reading

21 days

Shikrin leaders ride a bus on their way to a meeting with executives of Norte Energia, the consortium that holds the concession to build and operate the Belo Monte hydroelectric dam, in Altamira… Continue reading

drought polygon

Brazil’s Zero Hunger strategy recognises that poverty reduction, food security, and support for small-scale agriculture are intimately connected. But this is not enough, as climate changes may undermine it. “We survive on the Bolsa… Continue reading


Large areas of forest have been cleared for the construction of the Belo Monte hydroelectric dam near Altamira, Northern Brazil. A native Amazon boy stands on the bank of the Xingu River where water… Continue reading


  The remains of virgin Amazon rainforest are seen after it was cleared for its wood along the PA 150 highway near Moju, Para State. The PA 150 is the main route used for… Continue reading


PDS Esperança settlers have been largely forgotten by the Brazilian government, facing constant threat from illegal loggers; in Anapu